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New to a managerial position

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  • Místo konání: TCC s.r.o. Rohan Business Center, Rohanské nábřeží 671/15, Praha 8
  • Kapacita kurzu: 12

The managerial role is essential for the functioning of any organisation. That is why it is crucial to understand the managerial role, its responsibilities, goals and tasks. That‘s what the basic managerial sills are about.
Are you interested to learn some well-tried managerial tips and tricks? Come and acquaint yourself with the techniques for effective people management. As a bonus, you will receive our online diagnostic Multifactor personality profile questionnaire.

Co Vám kurz přinese?

  • Understanding the role of the manager in a team.
  • We will explain the basic managerial styles and related techniques.
  • We will teach you about the basic tasks of a manager, the so called managerial loop.
  • You will internalize some managerial communication techniques for working with a team.

Cílová skupina


  • A manager‘s role in an organisation – what subordinates and superiors expect.
  • Managerial styles and when to use pressure, when the pull techniques and when to apply the partner-like approach.
  • Typical managerial activities and how to handle them.
  • The managerial loop – setting goals and working with them.
  • Communication with subordinates when assigning tasks and goals.
  • Checks and checking mechanisms.
  • How to give (positive and negative) feedback.
  • Difficult situations new managers might have to face.
  • Tips and tricks.

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